Lots more dates TBA in 2018!

10th February 2018

Tantale Album Launch, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey (The Recks)

1st December 2017

Very Stretchy Extravaganza, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey (The Recks)

15th – 17th September 2017

Sark Roots Festival (The Recks)

27th August 2017

Vale Earth Fair Festival, Guernsey (The Recks)

5 – 7th August 2017

Alderney Week, Channel Islands (with The Recks)

8th – 21st July 2017

France Tour, dates TBA

30th June – 2nd July 2017

Sark Folk Festival, Channel Islands (solo and with The Recks)

23rd – 25th June 2017

Chaos Festival, Guernsey (solo and with The Recks)

28th May 2017

With The Recks, The Little Chill Festival, Guernsey

18th – 21st May 2017

France, dates TBA

13th May 2017

With The Recks, Guernsey Literature Festival, The Fermain Tavern

9th May 2017

With The Recks, Liberation Day, Guernsey

30th April 2017

With The Recks, Reasons To Be Grateful Festival, Jersey

29th April 2017

Reasons To Be Grateful Festival, Jersey (The Recks)

The Smuggler’s Inn, Jersey (Gregory Harrison)

23rd April 2017

Vale Earth Fair Record Fair

22nd April 2017

With The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers, The Golden Lion, Guernsey

21st April 2017

The Golden Lion, Guernsey

15th April 2017

We Wanna Be Heard, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

25 March 2017

Folk Americana, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

With Will Wood, Great North and Chris Callahan

24 March 2017

Red Nose Day – Bands On Buses, Guernsey

10 March 2017

Les Douvres, Guernsey

28 January 2017

Vale Earth Fair Unplugged, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

31 December 2016

With The Recks, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey – Doors 19h

20 November 2016

Urban Kitchen, Guernsey – 11.30am

18 November 2016

Enchanted Winter Fayre, Castle Cornet, Guernsey – 18h

28 October 2016

With The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers – The Golden Lion, Guernsey

28 October 2016

With The Recks – Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

28 August

Busking Stage – Vale Earth Fair, Guernsey

30 July 2016

Bar Les Insolant, Nantes, France – 19h

28 July 2016

Cafe Rouge Mecanique, Nantes, France – 21h

19 July 2016

Mc Cools, Tours, France

9 July 2016

Saut De La Puce, Dinan, France

8 July 2016

Bistrot Du Marche, Dinan, France

3 July 2016

Sark Folk Festival

24 – 26 June 2016

Chaos Festival, Guernsey

 5 June 2016

BBC Introducing Stage, Arts Sunday, Guernsey

27 – 30 May 2016

Alderney Performing Arts Festival (solo and with The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers)

7 May 2016

Fermain Tavern, Guernsey (with Lifejacket, Lord Vapour and To the Woods)

1 May 2016

Vale Earth Fair, Record Fair, Guernsey

16 April 2016

Fermain Tavern, Guernsey (with Robert J Hunter and Taghd Daley)

9 April 2016

Bistrot Du Marche, Dinan, France

8 April 2016

La Trainquette, Rennes, France

7 April 2016

Moko Vin a Bar, Dinan, France

12 March 2016

Fermain Tavern, Guernsey (with Wondergeist, Tantale and The Bee Charmers)

11 March 2016

The Vault, Guernsey

5 March 2016

Jonah Beats, Vale Castle, Guernsey 4pm

6 February 2016

The Golden Lion, Guernsey (EP release)

30 January 2016

Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

Vale Earth Fair Unplugged + Gregory Harrison EP release