Vale Earth Fair 2020 – Vale Castle – 30/08/2020

“A stage made it’s debut around the back of the castle” -Tom Girard


The Recks Live at St James + Livestream

After months of Lockdown due to the Corona virus things final opened up in The Channel Island of Guernsey and what better way to celebrate then with a sell out show at St James Concert Hall.


Episode 22 Guernsey Gigs Lockcast – With Grant Sharkey

The Infamous musician and entertainer Grant Sharkey, funny, political, and in quaratine.


Episode 21 Guernsey Gigs Lockcast – With Kiya Ashton

Talking to Kiya about her most recent music ventures and involvement in The Channel Island Upload Festival.


Episode 20 Guernsey Gigs Lockcast

After a few weeks of lockdown, Guernsey Gigs podding Trio Elliot, Graham and Greg test the software to talk Lockdown, Covid, and a first glance at the music scene since the outbreak.


Pre-Order Brunt’s New Album – Signed With Magic Moustache Records


The Milk’s Gone Bad official Release – Download on all available platforms – Link Here


Video Premier of ‘The Milk’s Gone Bad” on RockshotMag

“The visuals are a perfect accompaniment to the darkness of the song.”

The Recks UK Tour – CANCELLED due to Covid-19

“For obvious reasons we’ve decided to cancel our UK tour in April. We will reschedule at some point later in the year.” The Recks


Unplugged Club Postponed until further notice due to Covid-19

Unfortunately due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have had to postpone the monthly unplugged club we hope to resume as soon it is safe to do so.

Photo by Paul Mariess Photography


New Single Coming Soon – The Recks “The Milk’s Gone Bad”

The Recks to release first of 3 singles for 2020 with “The Milk’s Gone Bad” On April the 10th.


The Recks Announce UK Tour April 2020

Returning to the Uk with a series of shows in some of the South of England’s favourite venues.  Including support shows for bands such as The Undercover Hippy in the Isle of White and The Andy Quick Band in Exeter.


Brunt sign to Magic Moustache Records

“It has the power to either crush your soul with dark low-tuned doomy atmospheres or on the contrary lift you up high in the bright sky with delicate melodies. Well done brothers!” – Mr. Fuzz (tanguy dupré)

Bandcamp Link Here


BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands: February 2020 – Magic Moustache and Bubblebrain Records

“First was Guernsey based label Magic Moustache Records, the brain child of Joe Le Long and Gregory Harrison who might be more familiar to you from Lord Vapour (in the case of Joe) and The Recks (in the case of both of them). After releasing Lord Vapour’s music in the past they are now spreading their wings a little wider with the release of the new album from Stone Cold Fiction as a limited vinyl edition, and I also spoke to the three guys from the Brighton based band too.” Tom Girard


Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club: March 2020 – The Golden Lion – 03/03/20 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

“Greg took the chance to play something familiar, then a newer, darker folk sounding one (I wonder if this is from the album he recently recorded and that I can’t wait to hear)” Tom Girard


Pre-Orders Stone Cold Fictions New Album – Signed With Magic Moustache Records


Sound At St James 2 – St James Concert Hall – 22/02/20 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

“taking another step forward as their gamble of shaking up their set paid off terrifically.” Tom Girard


Stone Cold Fiction sign to Magic Moustache Records

Once upon a time in Bristol, alternative psych-rock met fuzzy blues and heavy vibes. The result is called Strange Times, by Stone Cold Fiction


First Unplugged Club of 2020


New Year’s Eve Bonanza 2019

Finishing of 2019 in style, The Recks alongside fellow friends and band The Honest Crooks sung us into 2020 with Fans, friends and family. The Imperial Hotel 2019.


The Recks release hidden track “Porcupine” – Link to Spotify


The Recks support Tantale’s Live Album recording

Supporting the incredible Tantale on their live album recording, The Recks indulged the public with a series of new dark, lush, and tangled songs.


Episode 19 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Nessi Gomes and Lino Hermesh

The Podding trio catch up with the wonderful Nessi Gomes and her husband Lino Hermesh.


Guernsey Press – The Recks at Maida Vale


Episode 18 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Claire Moxie and Tim Corbett

With both guests having played in multiple outfits in both the UK and the channel islands, we go back on their careers and talk about the differences between the music scenes on the mainland and island.


BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands: October 2019 – Byzanthian Neckbeard and WaterColour Matchbox

“We also had a preview of The Recks session at Maida Vale as we heard from the band about their experience before the session is broadcast at the beginning of December”.

The Recks at BBC Maida Vale Studios – 20/10/19 with Tom Girard  

“The fame of Studio Four comes down to its connection with pioneering radio DJ John Peel and his Peel Sessions as this is where many of those sessions, some of which have themselves entered the stuff of legend, were recorded between 1967 and 2004.” Tom Girard


Live at Heart Festival Sweden 2019 – Review (Raised on Records)

Per Magnusson – Live At Heart

“Sark must be the epicenter of the earth. The point where all popular musical expressions collide and react with each other. How else do you explain The Reck’s powerful energy and genius”?


Vale Earth Fair Weekend 2019 – 24-25/08/19 Review – (Tom Girard BBC) 

Photo of Gregory Harrison with Tom Girard at The Vale Earth Fair 2019


Opening The Big Top at Beautiful Days Festival 2019

Some stages are definite bucket list musts and Beautiful Days Big Top is definitely one of them. Opening this wonderful stage on the Saturday to a jam packed tent with The Recks.


King Nun, Track Not Found, The Recks, Savage Sons and Case On The Base – St James Concert Hall – 13/07/19 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

Supporting the incredible up and coming King Nun.


Episode 17 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Eddy Jay and Will Pound

Greg and Elliot get deep into conversation with the incredible folk duo, talking about all things music including technique and tunes.


The Recks, Hot Plastic, Ukuladeez and Isle Stone – The Fermain Tavern – 14/06/19 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

“Back on (sort of) home turf and started exactly how you’d expect with the audience filling the dancefloor for the indie-folk-gyspy-jazz sounds.” Tom Girard


BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands – June 2019 – Arts Sunday and Sark Folk Festival


Episode 16 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Mike Meinke

Catching up with the Mike Meinke (probably best known as frontman of Buffalo Huddelston Band) on a return trip to the island from France.


Spring tour – The Recks – Link to tour trailer


Talking about music and The Recks upcoming UK tour – Bailiwick Express 


Pre-Liberation Day Shenanigans with The Recks – Guernsey Press


The Baghdaddies return with support from The Recks

After having such a huge success on the previous show we were back again with the same lineup and more of everything.


BBC Music Introducing in the Channel Islands – April 2019 – The Recks and Atmoised


The Eleanor Foundation present The Recks, The Cor Damme Lars, Episode 2 and Nick Coleman – The Fermain Tavern – 15/02/19 Review (Tom Girard BBC)

The Eleanor Foundation – Official Website


Introducing The Recks new Bassist Joe Le Long


First Unplugged Club of 2019 



Episode 15 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Stretchy and Flexagon

Numerous faces and different projects from psych trance, to recording choirs with the Strechagon.


Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Unplugged Club Xmas Special

A glance into The Monthly Unplugged Club ep.4


Supporting Kiya Ashton on her premiere EP launch – Link to website

As she kicks of what is looking to be a fantastic musical career It was an honour to open up the stage to Kiya for the launch of her debut EP.


Supporting the Baghdaddies at St James Concert Hall

“The Baghdaddies’ exuberant and rampant brand of world music is an exhilarating cocktail of Balkan melodies, ska, latin grooves, and sizzling brass.”


Nathan Le Forestier announces final show as the bass player for The Recks


Episode 13 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Gemma Honey and Jade Kershaw

Jade Kershaw talks about her involvement with The Vale Earth Fair, followed by both her and Gemma’s new band The Cor Damme Lars. The female fronted outfit taking the scene by storm.


BBC Introducing London Live with The Recks – Link to BBC Intro Guided tour Live18 

Playing an acoustic set on the bandstand at Live18. Incredible to have the opportunity to discover all BBC Introducing London Live has to offer.


Sound At St James – St James Concert Hall, Guernsey – 27-28/10/18 – Review (Tom Girard)

“They have become a band it’s hard to find fault with, and more than ever it seemed Richey Powers was intent on whipping both band and audience into a frenzy” Tom Girard


Guernsey Photography Festival Closing Party – Old Tax Office – 20/10/18 – Review (Tom Girard BBC) 


Episode 12 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – End of summer recap

Gregory, Elliot, and Graham catch up on a busy summer of musical wonders.


Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Sark Roots special

Join Elliot and Graham as they wander around Sark Roots Festival talking to whoever crosses their path.


Sark Roots Festival 2018 – 14-16/09/18 – (Review Tom Girard BBC)

“a summer of regular gigs both in the islands and beyond has done for the cohesion of their performance” Tom Girard



Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Unplugged Club Special 4

A taste of the unplugged club.


Guernsey Pride 2018

“Liberate is PROUD to announce THE event of the year” The Channel Islands Liberate


The Recks return to the UK for a series of shows

After a suite of 3 shows in June The Recks return for more London/Bournemouth/Weymouth


The Vale Earth Fair Festival – The House Stage and Bad Weather – Festival review by Tom Girard (BBC)

For the Third year Greg has been running one of the stages at the channel islands longest running festival.  Although this year the weather seemed to have given them a fight for the worst people literally piled on the stage. It was then wrapped in tarp and the show went on for the bravest to enjoy.

“Replacing the busking stage during daylight hours and the dance stage after sunset, The House was somewhat bested by the weather during the afternoon making for an intimate performances space” Tom Girard


The Recks present… – The Fermain Tavern – 17/08/18 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

“The Recks have always been a band who thrive on the edge of chaos, and they trod that line here once again” Tom Girard


Episode 11 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With The Ukuladeez

The Cosmic tea party is underway with The Ukuladeez and The Podding trio from Guernsey Gigs.


BBC Music Introducing In Guernsey: July 2018 – Joe Corbin and The Recks at Latitude


The Recks at Latitude Festival 2018 – BBC Introducing Stage

Crossing land and sea The Recks head to play one of the UK’s biggest festivals on the BBC Introducing stage.


New The Recks Merchandise – I Want To Be A Porcupine Bags and Tees – Available exclusivly at shows


Episode 10 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Mark Le Gallez

The Legendary Mark le Gallez talks about his multiple bands and long term experience in the international music scene.


Chaos Festival 2018 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

Bikers, Misfits, and Music at the infamous Chaos festival Guernsey.


The Recks video release – “In The Garden” – Link Youtube

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 00.18.03.png

Episode 9 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Sound GSY BBQ

An afternoon of interviews and BBQ’s with the islands’ musical future as we interview its’ youngest bands.


The Recks Updated Shows


Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Unplugged Club special 3

A taste of the unplugged club episode 3


Episode 8 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Richey Powers and Ash Jarman

The Recks original frontmen talk about their adventures, past and present.


Sunshine Festival (Jersey) Supporting Newton Faulkner

With The Recks 27/05/2018 – Press Bailiwick Express

Supporting Legend Newton Faulkner in Jersey alongside Rews and Samuel Walwyn


Episode 7 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Mark Guillou

A moment with musician, teacher ,and sound engineer of the Guernsey music scene. Mark Guillou a long standing champion of the Guernsey music scene.


The Recks Album Launch with 3 shows in Sark/Jersey/Guernsey


The Recks Release “The Beast From The Sea” – Debut Album – Bandcamp Link


The Recks launch The Beast From The Sea – The Fermain Tavern – 19/05/18 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)

“And so, with the dancefloor already packed in anticipation, The Recks took to the stage ” Tom Girard


BBC Music Introducing in Guernsey: May 2018 – The Recks and Arts Sunday preview


Episode 6 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With David Hepworth

David Hepworth  was instrumental in the foundation of a number of popular magazines in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. With Mark Ellen turned the 1980s English pop magazine “Smash Hits” into one of the most popular magazines of its era. He was over for The Guernsey Literature Festival so Elliot, Graham and special host Jon Bisson joined him for  chat.


Guernsey Gigs Feature – Join our hub – Guernsey Press – Link to Guernsey Gigs Guide 


Supporting Gabriel Aplin at St James Concert Hall 04/05/18

Supporting the wonderful Gabrielle Aplin.


Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Unplugged Club Special 2

A taste of the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club.


Episode 4 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Nic Dinnie

The Bass Player from Desmond and the tutus the legend behind The Tarantulips, and Alex & Her. Nic Dinnie is also solo artist in his own right. Talking shop and drinking beer.


The Recks release new video “Trainwreck”

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 00.21.49.png

Episode 4 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Jon Bisson

Currently the new director of St James, he is also one half of the husband and wife team behind SOUND Guernsey, the under 18’s live show charity. He talks to us about music on the island, a fruitful past in the rave scene, and much more.


Episode 3 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Tom Girard

Blogger, Musician and radio presenter Tom Girard is a pillar in the local music scene and also a fan of wrestling!


Episode 2 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – With Joe Le Long

The Lead singer of  Lord Vapour joins us for our second attempt at this podcast thing. Graham Duerden transforms from guest to new host.


Guernsey Gigs Podcast – Unplugged Club Special

A taste of the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club volume 1.


The  First Unplugged Club with Guernsey Gigs March 2018


Episode 1 Guernsey Gigs Podcast – An Introduction

Elliot Mariess and Gregory Harrison try out there first attempt at a new artform “The Podcast” With Drummer/ MC and legend Graham Duerden.


Modelling for Tantale merchandise – Jan 2017 – Link to Bandcamp


Guesting on Tantale’s new album, ‘Tightrope’ – Dec 2017 – Link to Bandcamp



The Recks, Track Not Found, Dolmens and Flexagon – The Fermain Tavern – 01/12/17 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)



France Tour – Oct 2017

Dinan and Nantes Gregory Harrison and Nathan Le Foristier


Sark Roots Festival – Sept 2017


Vale Earth Fair Warm Up: The Surfin’ Birds and The Recks 26/08/17 – Review (Tom Girard BBC)


Alderney Week – August 2017

With The Recks


Supporting Hattie Briggs, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey – 14th July 2017


LibRock 2017 – Albert Pier, St Peter Port – 09/05/17 Review (Tom Girard BBC)

Smuggler’s Inn, Jersey – 29th April 2017


Folk Americana, Fermain Tavern, Guernsey – 25th March 2017

Great gig supporting Will Wood and Great North from New Zealand






BBC Introducing Session – 25th March 2017

Thanks to Tom Girard – studio session and interview (with bassist Nathan Arnaud)



‘Low Life’ Single Launch – 5th November 2016

Loved my first gig with The Recks launching their single, ‘Low Life’.

Sark Roots Festival – September 2016

I enjoyed performing on lovely Sark with Nathan Arnaud, as well as with The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers at the lovely little Roots Fest.14379827_10153714819686364_7312869970874445992_o14361207_10154219581509442_3115380417005427926_o

Vale Earth Fair Festival – August 2016


Sark Folk Festival – July 2016

Amazing weekend at Sark Folk Festival. Playing with Nathan Arnaud, Wondergeist and The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers.


French (Brittany and Loire) Tour – July 2016

Will be in France with Ten Toe Hobo for gigs in Dinan, Nantes, and Tours. Keep an eye on my Facebook and ‘Gigs’ page for dates.

Live In Nantes Flyer

Alderney Performing Arts Festival – July 2016


Mini French Tour – April 2016


I’m off to France for a few gigs. Catch me if you’re in Dinan or Rennes.

7 April – Moko Vin a Bar, Dinan

8 April – La Trainquette, Rennes

9 April – Bistrot Du Marche, Dinan

Review of the Gregory Harrison EP – 20/03/2016


Featured on BBC Introducing – 27/03/2016

Another feature on BBC Introducing – big thanks to Tom Girard.


Wondergeist – Album Release

Recorded violin for these guys on this fantastic new album. Check it out.


The Vale Earth Fair – August 2015

A successful weekend running the ‘Busking Stage’ at The Vale Earth Fair 2015, Guernsey’s biggest festival. Six stages feature both local and international acts across a variety of musical genres from rock and hip hop to dance and folk. The acts on the Busking Stage went down well, and the tent was busy with appreciative audiences throughout the day. Thanks to all who played and watched!


Featured On BBC Introducing

Recently performed a few tracks on BBC Introducing Guernsey.


The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers go to France – July 2015

Busking on the streets of Dinan with the lickers …


Album Release with The John Wesley Stone

Playing violin with this cowpunk band on a new album called ‘Blue Gorse’. Live recording.


Chaos Festival – August 2015

Nice review of a solo gig at Chaos Festival 2015 by Tom Girard. Thanks Tom!

With a hugely rich voice, this genuine and modest performer delivered everything from the soul, whether it was original material, or his own take on the work of others, and matched the continued relaxed feel in and around the tent.


Read the full review of the festival here:

Sark Folk Festival – July 2015

Another great Sark Folk Festival playing with The John Wesley Stone, and The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers.

08-the-john-wesley-stone 40-the-rectory-hill-skillet-lickers

Read the full review of the festival here:

Sark Folk Festival – July 2014

As well as Hillbill’s antics the real highlight of the set for me came in the form of recently recruited fiddle player English Bob (aka Gregory Harrison) who here had some real opportunities to shine and rock the fiddle like I’ve never really seen anyone do and making some excellent noises with it while imbuing the instrument with some real rock ‘n’ roll emotion.


Read the full review of the festival here:

The Voice France – 2014

Performed on two episodes of the popular TV show, filmed in Paris.